Thùng sấy nhựa ORSTE OOD Series

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Nhà sản xuất:  ORSTE-Trung Quốc

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MC Việt Nam phân phối các loại tủ sấy nhựa hãng sản xuất ORSTE.

Product Features:

Accurate P.I.D temperature control to achieve even drying effect.

Air-proofed insulated door can effectively avoid heat loss to reduce energy consumption

Stainless steel tray and liner bring no contamination to materials. OOD series can dry several materials at the same time, time-saving and efficient.

24 hours timer which is easy to operate to preset the drying time.

Multilevel protection measures like overheat protector and alarm light can reduce mechanical and human error accidents.

Adjustable air inlet and outlet design, air volume can be adjusted according to customer’s actual needs.


OOD series of oven dryers are mostly used for simultaneous drying of different kinds of polymers in small quantities or for drying materials for trial molding. For tempering after plastic molding, it can increase product tenacity and improve product quality. The oven dryer can also be applied in preheat and drying of agricultural and food (grain, garlic, tea, and etc.), electric motor and part, electroplating, pharmaceutical, paint, printing and others.

Functional scheme: 

Adjustable Air Inlet



Air Outlet Blower

Powerful Fan

Heat-resistant Insulated Cotton Layer


Model OOD-5 OOD-9 OOD-20
Motor Power (kw) 0.375 0.375 1.5
Heater (kw) 4.5    
No. of Trays 5    
Tray Dimensions L*W*H (mm) 600x500x5    
Capicity (kg) 50    
Material SUS304 stainless steel plate
Temperature range 40° C ~ 180° C
Accuracy -0,05
External dimension L*W*H (mm) 820x630x1260 829x630x1480 820x1500x1750
Internal dimension L*W*H (mm) 500x600x600 500x600x900 500x1150x1200
Weight (kg) 148 178 415