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MCVN đại lý phân phối hãng máy phụ trợ ORSTE tại Việt Nam, cung cấp các loại máy chillers, máy làm mát chất lượng tốt, với mức giá hợp lý. 

Liên hệ với MC để được hỗ trợ và báo giá tốt nhất.

Máy làm mát / Máy Chillers/ Mold Air Cooling Machine/ Plastic Mould Chillers/ Industrial Chillers

Thông tin chi tiết về máy chillers OMC-A Series:

Product Features: 

Cooling range is from 7 to 25oC.
Insulated water tank is made of stainless steel.
Anti-freezing thermostat is standard equipped.
R22 high-efficient refrigerant is adopted in OMC-A series. Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches ensures good cooling effect.
Overload protection is standard equipped for compressor and pump.
Precise temperature controller with an accuracy of ±1oC is adopted.
Low pressure pump is standard equipment.
Brand compressor with low noise level, low energy-consumption and long service life is employed.
Fin style condenser with excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling is adopted, no need of cooling water.


Mold cooling machine is used to shorten the products molding cycle, it is also applicable in cooling of equipment in order to maintain a required temperature. Besides, it is suitable for other industry fields with similar cooling requirement.


Parameters OCM-5A OCM-10A OCM-20A
Refrigeration Capacity kcal/hr 12410 25596 52350
kw 14.3 29.42 60.6
Refrigerant R22
Evaporator Type Box evaporator
Water Tank Capacity (L) 58 150 310
Condenser Type High-efficient copper tube Fin style
Compressor Type Entire seal vortex type or piston type
Power (kw/hp) 3.75/5 7.5/10 15/20
Water Pump Power (kw) 0.37 1.5 2.25
Head (m) 10 21 39
Flow (L/Min) 100 360 650
Total Power (kw) 4.12 9 17.25
Dimension L (mm) 1100 1500 1950
W (mm) 630 800 1300
H (mm) 1000 1520 2950
Weight (kg) 355 550 815