HP-300 Grease

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Molykote HP-300 Grease

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Molykote HP-300 Grease

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Molykote HP-300 GreaseMolykote HP-300 is a high performance synthetic (PFPE) grease that is compatible with most plastics. This advanced material is fully fluorinated and provides excellent performance under extreme conditions. It has a temperature service range between -65 to 250 degrees Celsius. The lubricant is composed of perfluoro polyether and a fluorinated polymer.

Molykote HP-300 Grease is formulated to work under extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures, solvent, corrosive, liquefied natural gasses, high vacuum and much more. This high quality product can be used on semiconductor manufacturing equipment and clean room equipment where the volatilization of the lubricant is undesirable. Molykote HP-300 will have minimal deterioration due to oxidation allowing this product to be used long term. At 200 degrees Celsius in 24 hours the bleed of this product is 8% meeting the MIL-S-8660. It is important to clean the point of application thoroughly. When ready to apply the lubricating grease use a spatula, brush or automatic lubrication device. Once the material is applied it is important to wash your hands immediately.

It is extremely important to have an understanding of how to apply the material and they safety precautions that need to take place when handling the product. Molykote HP-300 Grease is chemically stable at a high temperature, but the material will begin to decompose if the temperature exceeds 250 degrees Celsius. It will begin to release toxic vapors, so it is strongly recommended to work in an area with adequate ventilation. If stored in its unopened container in a dark, cool place, Molykote HP-300 will have a shelf life of 36 months from the date of production. This product has not been tested or represented as suitable to be used for pharmaceutical or medical uses. Under the ASTM D2596 four ball weld load (1500rpm/1minute will lead to a result of 3330N. It is available in a variety of container sizes, contact Krayden, Inc. for more information. If there is more concern on the proper safety precautions for this material, refer the Molykote HP-300 MSDS.

Molykote HP-300 is an advanced specialty grease formulated to meet industry the expectations on a wide variety of applications. Dow Corning’s cutting edge engineering style and the amount of research and development has allowed them the deliver some most advanced specialty lubricants that are available in the market. Molykote HP-300 is a high performing lubricant that is capable of being used in a variety of applications with extreme conditions. To contact a qualified customer service representative in regards to Molykote HP-300 Grease, contact Krayden, a specialized distributor of Molykote  greases and lubricants. Also, Visit the Molykote HP-300 grease TDS.